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tv   Headline News  RT  June 30, 2014 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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yes you do should it be. a russian cameraman is killed in ukraine after a bus carrying journalists and civilians is shot out it comes one day before a cease fire expires. the u.s. sends its first batch of military aid to help the iraqi government country the sweeping offensive of the. us they proclaim islamic order on the lungs captured. as the black flag rises over parts of syria and iraq we report on the defenseless minorities left at the mercy of the jihad a said france.
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wherever you're watching from around the world you're welcome to moscow and to our to international i'm you know neil a camera man for a russian t.v. channel has been killed in eastern ukraine he along with other t.v. crews came under fire in the dinette screeching. yes but. like. the way. that you know. on
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a totally clean work for russia's channel one he and other journalists were on a bus close to a ukrainian army base on the vehicle was carrying the mothers of soldiers on their way to them on their sons' return home gunfire reportedly came from inside the base . of the do you think. he's today gives eventually why did he live do you have a disguise the way did you discuss. the driver turn the bus or run into attempting to get to safety as the shooting continued. to shoot at you. you can see bullets hit the bus the valve is went on the telly clear and was fatally wounded despite the efforts of other passengers to help and he died within an hour two other reporters on board the scribe what happened. he knew his work he always held the correspondence until today i never knew how old
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he was i couldn't believe he was sixty eight it's really hard to talk about him as a kind of stands between. his job was his life i saw him in the nets he told me that when you get back from his assignment in ukraine he would go fishing in september. it was i've known him since one thousand nine hundred seventy two and he was not standing camera man and cheerful sympathetic but this is a great loss and choose to. russia's demanding an investigation into the death of the cameraman but the interior ministry says it's requests are being left unanswered and not the same comment at r.t. received from human rights watch on the case this is a tragedy that must be fully investigated by the ukrainian authorities the government of ukraine should do more to avoid harming civilians during law enforcement operations journalists unless they're taken direct but in the hostilities civilians and under international humanitarian law may never be targets
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of an attack during an armed conflict now it was just the latest in a row of attacks on journalists working in eastern ukraine just two weeks ago army or totally fire killed a russian correspondent on his saw and engineer while they were filming refugees outside the city of the count's last month an italian photographer on his translator died in a mortar shelling on a reporter for artie's video agency ripley was severely wounded by the soldiers in the city of mariupol in may it took several days to negotiate his return to moscow journalists are often detained without charge by government forces and correspondents for various russian news channels have been prevented interrogated even beaten but the incident came at a time of a declared truce in the east of the country president putin along with the leaders of germany and france has called on the ukrainian leader petro poroshenko to extend
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the ceasefire that expires at seven pm g.m.t. on monday today they held a phone conversation overnight sorties maria financial reports and how the truce has affected life in the embattled area. those we have been able to speak to here in the city of lagos going to three have been telling us that if the rain relative calmness and noise became more silent finally people now could leave but of course we continue here hearing about sporadic fire often resulting in fatalities including a month civilian population we heard that the city off the balance could be if the center of work here calls and patellar of the ration repeatedly came under fire with residential area attacks and a woman killed a church was also hit at the car when during mass was happening there there were also a series of explosions at a non-state internets no soldiers were there at the time we've been here in ukraine in military repeatedly that the checkpoints were attacked by self-defense forces
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well we can say that unfortunately what tab or piece the reason in these parts of the country remains very very different job and of course people very tired they are exhausted over this situation of months of clashes and months of tensions many fled already the country with many stay here and who have been hearing from many of them that their plan is that in case of emergency in case of need they will use them shelters and we visited some of them and here's my report about that this is a bomb shelter watch out it was built decades ago when ukraine was part of the used to store at the height of the cold war and it seems these dog times are returning to these parts of the world the enemy may be different but these abandoned soldiers are now coming back to life. as they see if you want peace prepare for war the
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diem a resident volunteered to clean up soviet era bunkers they could provide a crucial to funds against on the air raids and to refine he says. we speak to the dean during what is supposed to be a ceasefire they're evolving us which is why we're working here the infrastructure is destroyed so we're taking the most important first steps to fix it and allow people to shelter here similar work is currently underway at many similar stories all over the city about one hundred bomb shelters already open what was going to brazil and this is what belmont there were this not only this brought on the of the role of rather the issue credible and i just heard that there were about twenty more but reported there is a road to come in who are not of birth the legitimacy of. the miami that well human longer but i feel awful for them up for me with their what would be your priority at this program or in your home office with where we're through to go with come out
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of there for probably a minute there was also a kitchenette with some basic food and first aid kits really doesn't wasn't too good for suddenly we're here with sounds like this and shooting dogs as organization not permitted to be a form of authority and when there. was no hostile action after which all but at least when you should have a keyboard. when we film vitalis daughter nast or stops by. she also heard what we did. but this guy was laid up with explosions when we were walking home through a filter then there were sirens and everyone started running away it was terrifying the same thing happened later that night the cease fire expires in just a few hours time and no one can say for sure whether these lone abandoned bomb
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shelters will be needed again. in lugansk eastern ukraine on the ceasefire maria was speaking about has been breached again according to our government fighters they say the army has shell the city of slovyansk while attempting to advance on the self defense positions there but the bombardment has once again hit residential areas reportedly injuring a girl and killing an unspecified number of people. i don't i just don't see when listening started i jumped when i was carrying around to the lyrics how do you do if you're close but i shouted so loudly that someone turned down in that when it was over and ran back like everybody else crying in panic this is outrageous what can we hope for. tomorrow how can you call this a cease fire. lots more dramatic images from the ukrainian conflict are available on our website r t v dot com. the u.s. has rushed a three day supply of hellfire missiles to the iraqi government in an attempt to
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help the desperate authorities battle jihad as militants the army is once again trying to regain control over the city off to create the extremists aim to capture baghdad this comes after the radicals proclaimed islamic order in territories they captured both in iraq and syria now the area being hold contains economically vital oil sites the islam in iraq and ceres urging other extremist groups to pledge allegiance to the new state so the question does arise where does isis get the funding it needs to snatch power in the region when it's thought the group powerful behind the scenes sponsors in the gulf states isis is also involved in smuggling extortion and bank robberies in the course of its rapid advance and by the group took control of stockpiles of u.s. made weaponry and even washington has played its role in the rise of bice's authorities marina porter explains. he was terrorist organization known as isis
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is over taking out his brain as public enemy number one sunni islamic militants are unleashing brutality and bloodshed in iraq but its next door in syria during a three year civil war where the extremist group got its start we are where we are because we armed the syrian rebels we have been fighting alongside al-qaeda fighting alongside isis isis is now in bold and in two countries but here's the anomaly we're with isis in syria we're on the same sort of the war so those who want to get involved to stop isis in iraq are allied with isis in syria that is the real contradiction to this whole policy according to reports the us government may have inadvertently played a direct role in strengthening extremists there also allegations that the united states may have been involved in some of the training isis insurgents went at a training camp in jordan so the saudis that could party are directly
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involved in this regime change policy in syria and iraq and united states has helped and created these conditions and this will cause chaos and expanding war in the region according to german magazine der spiegel americans were still in jordan in march of last year training up to twelve hundred members of the free syrian army to use anti-tank weapon mary we have spent a lot of time trying to work with a moderate opposition in syria now the white house is ready to spend a lot of money the obama administration has requested half a billion dollars to arm and train syrian rebels fighting to topple president bashar assad u.s. officials claim only appropriate members of the moderate syrian opposition will receive american weapons and ammo problem is it's not always easy to differentiate between the moderates and terror. here's u.s.
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senator john mccain posing with members of isis the photo is now reportedly being circulated by the group as proof of their legitimacy not to be disputed the legitimacy of isis is gruesome behavior violence so horrific some report osama bin ladin looks like a gentle soul in comparison as the newest group of terrorists is growing stronger and gaining more ground throughout the arab world their safe haven remains in syria where the white house is promising to send more weapons with the goal of establishing a marina porton i.r.t. washington d.c. . and some just go for countries or the u.s. behind the rise of the islamists operating in syria we spoke to dr hussein bunchy from the middle east technical university who studies turkey has been supporting the jihadist security fighting president assad. turkish government and particularly in syria is. entertaining strong closed
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missions with. groups the british government have not moved the a third of these four these two is about the rather speaking about the sort of islamic groups we know the government of friendly. groupings and those groupings also. there's some but the. turkish government by the eyes is attack on iraq is further widening existing cultural and religious divides sunni's are fighting shias muslims versus christians tribes against the government and kurds against all uncaught in the vice of the minorities who are more a threat than ever before as are reports. i. think he's exhausted terrified with nowhere to go these are wrong newest refugees in
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a single day tens of thousands of iraqi christians were forced to flee their homes after clashes erupted between isis militants and kurdish forces. all of a sudden we heard shelling and explosions we didn't know who is attacking us we just knew we had to get out there wasn't any time to panic most families are going to put nothing but the closing again that you would close medicines important papers everything we left behind i don't know how we'll get by someone deny to those blankets and pillows and that's all we have they found safety on the outskirts of the kurdish capital but not much else temperatures through our past a hundred degrees fahrenheit there is power from a generator in a nearby theater but fuel is running out. it's hard to believe that just yesterday this was a completely empty parking lot overnight it's been turned into a makeshift refugee camp. the family has fled in the paddock an entire village emptied overnight the volunteers are doing their best to help however they can but
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supplies are limited and more and more people keep coming most came from calico an ancient christian community on the outskirts of the isis controlled city of mosul it was seen as one of the last safe havens for iraq's do enduring christian population not anymore families like this one are twice displaced were left baghdad at the height of the sectarian civil war boyer of the flip. side there is no safe place left in the rock in baghdad they used to slaughter you for being christian now in a suit it's the same thing there is no one to protect us. this is the sound of a country torn apart sunni militants are sweeping across northwest along in baghdad in the south shiite militias are digging in the kurds to are on the move reclaiming long disputed territory iraq maybe one but for how long that actually the sectarian
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. divide is real it's becoming more violent and that's why you need to separate the communities and have everybody take care of their own. in q-q. province we need a leader of iraq's minority turkmen community he's taking us to meet the newly formed militia they face extermination from sunni militants he tells me but he doesn't trust the kurds to protect them either. fishmarket disarmed. people. we arrived to find a deserted village the families have all fled for safety these men stayed behind to defend the land. or to go up they used to be drivers teachers farmers and businessmen they took up arms two weeks ago after sunni extremists slaughtered dozens of their people in
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a nearby village. no one came to protect us when they attacked not the iraqi army and not the person. it was a wake up call now we are here to defend ourselves we have enough weapons and we'll fight until the last drop of blood as. determined but outnumbered and outgunned facing an uncertain future in an increasingly fractured iraq. nusi county no problems iraq. and after a short break we return with the news that everything has a price we had online where it seems all can be bought and all can be sold including a live in us also. in a globalized world where everything comes from everywhere is it possible to live only on the things but use by your own country stay with us as we report on a patriotic french journalist attempting to live only with made in france legal.
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the media leave us so we leave the media. are the same motions to the other your party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. . on air and in the financial world. calment cannot stop it is the only techno demented credit not going to get any economic benefit in life there are. dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others refuse
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to notice. food since changing the world like. the picture of today's leaves no longer from around the globe. look to. the. i. welcome back it may not be able to buy you happiness but online money can get you just about anything else even national leaders and as r.t.c. you are picking a fund that's not even the strangest lot. people can buy and sell or trade almost anything on e bay from britney spears chewed bubble gum to supercars and even someone's life one man in south africa seems to have taken things to the next level placing a lot to auction the country's president the description of the lot says jacob zuma has five years' experience as the president is in great health has eight wives and
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eighteen children the user nicknamed average joe placed a lot added he wanted to trade president zuma for someone with similar skills just cheaper to run and more clever many south africans have indeed been criticizing the president for becoming a bit too costly for the budget for instance he spent twenty seven million dollars just to restore his country house which was fixed with a new tennis court of football pitch bad and other high life accessories that's despite many in the country still not being connected to the sewer system while around thirteen million are thought to live on just two dollars a day even though trading humans is a legal this isn't the first time a living person has been put up for grabs on e bay recently a ten year old girl from england tried to sell her own grandmother describing her as annoying what could only the biggest bid reach twenty thousand dollars but was taken down shortly after while one australian man actually sold his own life the lot included his house his motorbike and
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a car his business and even his friends and archer separated with his partner and decided to start afresh his old life fetched three hundred five thousand u.s. dollars and now he's reported to live on an island near panama with a new girlfriend so really almost anything can be found on e bay even a partially eaten group cheese sandwich said to bear the image of the virgin mary thatching a biblical twenty eight thousand dollars no wonder presidents are being listed as well. any more stories for you on r t dot com just like this one about unusual congratulations from israel i mean forces drop hundreds of lollipops over palestinian territory containing the hamas messages marking the start of ramadan also. warning a pizza in the sky why the russian company that launched drone deliveries could be fined for its invention. in an effort to
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save local jobs and industries politicians often call in people to buy domestic but in this modern world is not really possible one part space journalist decided to give it a go surviving only in french made products for ten months. went to find how they fared. frank skinner person really in this day and age the answer is ninety six point nine percent if you ask french journalist special car the flight attendants and for goodness of the. rules of this experience were to get rid of everything that was not french and only use products that god most of their added value on french soil with an average salary of one thousand eight hundred euros a month i found myself in a situation where i had to buy everything again including furniture. inspired by government pleads to stick to find products to stop the conscience decades long industrial decline the problem is that there aren't many products like in stainless
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that a purely strikes what really surprised me is how much food we import each time i see a foreign product i think it's crazy because it could have be made in front but it's not. but benjamin's biggest surprise was that shoppers probably don't know whether french like goods are really called. today's rules of the european union a crazy if you take the should for example and you just so the buttons and firms you have the right to put a made in france label on it it's the last operation the product undergoes that matters. even though it's not hard to find economic patriots like benjamin it is hard to support the french more than me according to some experts claim the point commitments are opening the door to point competition and force in french companies out of business. estimate that in france there is roughly one plant closing every day between two hundred forty and two hundred sixty plants a year absolute protectionism like in north korea is absolute that what everybody
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around the world agrees on that when we go from one extreme to another where there is no regulation at all industrialization comes from globalization but it doesn't happen because some bad guys took the jobs of the french but because the french companies think we will make more money by. purchased them with patriotism takes some effort but shoppers here are giving let it go and the hope of saving the business is keeping them in the country retail experts say there's just so long as they play their one solution being put forward to level the employment standards within the european union and police local industries so that it's cheaper to buy for products or get the manufacture of the ball and i love my wife and i love to benefit from things and i think it's impossible to live completely with french products it costs too much anyway and it takes a crazy amount of time because it's hard to find needless to say benjamin. borders again but he's paying attention to labels and ecological recycle products matter
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where they come from moving the cost of paris art. it's going to check in some more world headlines now two bombs have gone off near the presidential palace in cairo killing two police officers and wounding several others the second explosive went off as a specialized squad are trying to defuse it it comes days after is the miss warren they had planted bombs in the city they were the latest in a spate of attacks hitting egypt's capital this month over the weekend a homemade explosive device placed near a government site on the city's eid skirts killed a girl and wounded her mother. more than fifty people have reportedly been killed in the latest attacks by boko haram in nigeria officials report the islamist militants have been targeting churches in the country's embattled north east the latest attacks include raids on four villages where the group kid not more than two hundred girls back in april. hundreds of people gathered for
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a rally outside the b.b.c. studios in the scottish city of glasgow demonstrators accuse the broadcasting corporation of being biased in favor of british community they protested against the organizations coverage of the op coming independence referendum. up next it's sophie cohen our to international for you care for yours it's time for a hard hitting reports on the work of doctors involved in the torture of detainees stay with us. right from the scene. first straight to you and i think the church.
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does what we do we kill people and break things we can see something is simple as people playing soccer game you can see individual players and you can see them. i can almost see is facial expression you can only see is a mouth open and crying out. maybe cursed oath or maybe he asked. for forgiveness for. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or in. dramas that can't be ignored to the. stories others.


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